Entering New Territories

Skyline of the city of London
Skyline of the city of London

Tangible Ireland  have been busy in the global Irish space for over 2 decades studying the business and the economic scene in Australia, US, UK and the island of Ireland.

We have hosted over 40 leadership events around the global Irish world in the last 10 years.

We encourage business and civic leaders to maximize the implementation of their projects with our unique project philosophy and expertise. Those that engage with us get access to our extensive network of motivated entrepreneurs, development agencies, funding sources, professional service providers and contractors around the world.

Through these leadership seminars/workshops we have developed a very deep understanding of the issues and challenges faced by business and civic leaders in capital Cities such as London, New York, Sydney, Dublin and Belfast. 

We were also motivated to research the local and we were an active part of the Irish Peace process and we engaged with communities in Belfast, Limerick, Crossmaglen and other communities disadvantaged by circumstance and seeking to react positively to that disadvantage.

We can offer you these services on a commercial basis.

We can unearth the most authoritative research that is not available in the public domain.

We can share with you the very real experiences that we have amassed.

We can immediately arrange for you to meet targeted influencers that would normally take months/years to achieve.

We can save you time and money and give you immediate competitive advantage.

Call me to arrange a personal call and if appropriate a meeting at your Headquarters.

Raymond Sexton, CEO 

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