Project Management Veteran Style


Project Management is a combination of Art, Science and Bull!

Successful project management is achieving the optimum balance between these three elements.

Art – The ability of a project manager to paint a picture encompassing all human and physical aspects of a project, ensuring each player in the master plan can visualise his or her role and contribution to the bigger picture, determines the stature of the project manager as an artist.

Science – The science aspect of a project encompasses the correct application of proven methodologies for quantification, monitoring and analysis of key project metrics to assist the artist to communicate with the tangible world.

Bull – In all projects there comes a time when neither art nor science provide a viable solution to the challenge being faced. The true project manager then, with humour, lateral thinking, or bull waves the red flag for that final rally!

At Tangible we seek to deliver projects on time, within budget and to an appropriate quality using a positive and pragmatic approach.

For a visual summary of the Tangible approach to project management have a quick glance through a recent presentation by Raymond Sexton at the Project Management Conference in Dublin.

PMIS15 Slides-Raymond Sexton-Art, Science or Bull