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Tangible is an independent social and economic development organisation providing inspiration, training and support to business and civic leaders around the world on a commercial and pro bono basis.

Through Tangible Ireland we provide access to the immense opportunities for trade, investment, enterprise, R&D, education, arts and culture through collaboration among the 80 million people across the globe that have a strong affinity with the island of Ireland.

We encourage you to maximise the implementation of your project be it a business or civic endeavour with our unique project philosophy and  expertise. Engage with us and connect with our extensive network of motivated entrepreneurs, development agencies, funding sources, professional service providers and contractors.

Initially why not participate in the Tangible Leadership Series through attending one of our seminars  in venues in Ireland and Overseas? Why not connect with other like-minded individuals?

If you have a business idea, want to invest, are seeking equity/grant finance, need help with a social enterprise, want to collaborate, are going through a career change or are just interested in making a difference then get in touch for a one-on-one consultation. Let’s see if our team at Tangible can assist you in achieving your goals?

Contact, Engage, Embrace, Invest and Collaborate with Tangible Ireland your partner in a global economy