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Tangible Leadership

A unique form of leadership, based on well evolved values and a pragmatic ethos.

Globally applicable, Irish in origin, contemporary in nature yet with a timeless link to the wisdom of the ages.

Finding a path through the relentless obstacles caused by the obsession with the Roman model of management remains a major challenge today. This approach, often created clear legions/silos which focused on specific objectives without adequate circumspection or empathy for other leaders seeking to progress their objectives simultaneously. The problems were and are always at the interfaces.

Why are problems that occur the same the world over? Just with different faces! Everywhere we go, we’re faced by an epidemic or even a pandemic of egocentric decision making. We’re surrounded by boxes and barriers rather than overlapping circles with porous boundaries seeking optimum answers from diverse inputs. Phrases like: ‘that’s outside my remit, leave that for them to deal with, don’t worry they’ll eventually have to face the real situation, let’s sort ourselves first etc.’

At Tangible we seek to inspire, train and support Business and Civic leaders globally. We believe that if we engage with a larger number of high calibre individuals who seek to, or play an important or pivotal role in society, the greater will be the positive impact that Tangible can make.

At Tangible we believe our approach is akin to the famous ‘Intel Inside’  marketing campaign where each laptop/ desktop designer was empowered to flaunt their art, ego or passion but in the corner was always a powerful little sticker that said ‘Intel Inside’. This sticker quietly implied ‘OK big shot, we know you think you’re important but you need to remember you’re only great because you’re using our technology!’. 

Over the years we’ve watched individuals evolve and progress to amazing heights, some very aware of the Tangible journey of encouragement, corner knocking, valuable feedback that they have undertaken. Others often thinking that they had progressed to success all on their own. At times our work on them was so low key and so nuanced that it went unnoticed as we ensured their fragile egos were safeguarded. Intermittently we receive messages years later acknowledging input or interventions which on later reflection show how we had worked on them. At Tangible, we want those around us to be successful and happy. We believe that if we help enough people to achieve their goals we’ll have achieved ours! 

At Tangible, we have the source code for exceptional leadership attributes based on a blending or melding of different ingredients from faith, engineering, scouting, politics, freedom fighting, overcoming bullying, fighting inner demons to many many more.

The Tangible Leadership Series now in its 9th year has been akin to a set of Clinical Trials to test our concepts, ethos and methods on a diverse sample of leaders from around the world. We have learned a lot from listening and then listening some more. We’ve learned a new vocabulary, multiple new perspectives and a deep sense of empathy as we feel the joy and pain of our colleagues as they progress their projects and initiatives, sometimes against incredible odds.

In a world drawn between right and wrong, liberal and conservative, communist and capitalist, social and economic we believe in a new word which captures the best of our lessons to date:


Tangible is real and its impact can be felt. Everyone should be comfortable with Tangible because it’ll be right wing when appropriate or left wing when appropriate. It’ll change its mind if it finds that it has been proven to be mistaken, it will measure twice and cut things once!

It’ll balance the books but not just in financial terms. It appreciates Time, Talent and Treasure! It’ll keep account of multiple currencies and the value of human life, the environment and will put relationships before outcomes. 

People will not be too surprised by Tangible leaders as they make decisions and pursue objectives that are based on strong values and ethos. As followers and observers we will be able to predict the outcome as we will know that the process of decision making is robust and not subject to unnecessary influence or undue partisan inputs. We will understand the framework and the values of the process.

The Tangible centre must hold, those values that are the foundation of the USA, the European Union, the United Nations and Irish society must be safeguarded and not undermined for short term gain or personal promotion.

Tangible leadership is for the benefit of future generations.

 My Mother always said that: 

‘Politicians focus on the next election, a Statesman focuses on the next generation’.

It’s time to stand up for the middle ground, time to be pragmatic, focus on the real challenges and work to garner support from everyone to balance the urgent and the important.

We are doing our bit to encourage debate, to cultivate Business and Civic leadership.

Why not join us on this great Tangible crusade?

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

Leadership Excellence Inspiration 

Tangible Ireland’s ‘Scaling Globally!’ Limerick-Thursday March 30th, 2017

Part of Tangible Leadership Series 2017 aka #tangible17

Raymond Sexton, Founder

Tangible-your global partner