Tangible Ireland’s ‘A Seismic Shift!’







As the Tangible Leadership Series 2018 heads for our annual global gathering Ambassador Summer School 2018 in Kilmallock we stop off in San Francisco to get input from Business and Civic Leaders based or engaged in California. Co-convened by Tangible Veteran Donagh McKeown the afternoon is shaping up well as we explore the rich Irish Heritage in California, the ongoing cultural activities in the region and the growing ecosystem for the creation of Technology Start Ups with a little Irish DNA. With additional contributions from Ireland and Australia this afternoon will prove to be very memorable.

If you have a Project to showcase or promote, a Crusade to launch or an Idea to test then get in touch.

Great Connections and enhanced Creativity are key outcomes from our unique Tangible approach so we look forward to hearing from you! ambassador@tangible.ie


We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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