Tangible Progress-Belfast

Thanks to our Tangible friend in Sandy Row Glenda Davies we’re delighted to announce that this year’s Tangible Leadership Workshop “Tangible Progress!’ will be convened at The Accidental Theatre in Shaftesbury’s Square, Belfast.

On Thursday 14th March 2019 we will bring an eclectic group of Business and Civic Leaders together to share a safe space to discuss all the challenges of the day.

If you have something to share or impart, enjoy being an active listener, have a ‘bee in your bonnet’ or have a crusade to begin, then get in touch either here, through Messenger or email: ambassador@tangible.ie

Our workshop entitled ‘Tangible Progress!’ will be our 8th visit to this great city and continue our commitment to meaningful dialogue and engagement in Northern Ireland.


Rest assured……..

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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