EMBRACE Tangible June

This year in 2019 we are proud to host 3 Tangible gatherings in the month of June, the first being in New York, then Crossmaglen and finally in Melbourne, Australia.

In each venue we will bring a unique cohort of Business and Civic leaders together to share ideas, insights and perspectives.

From the Big Apple, to South Armagh to the evolving capital of Australia’s fastest growing State we will focus our attention on the issues of the day , all through the prisms of Leadership, Excellence and Inspiration.

Register and/or Support:

Tangible’s ‘New Avenues!’-NEW YORK -June 6th

Tangible’s ‘Winning Ways!’-CROSSMAGLEN-June 13th

Tangible’s ‘Australia2.2’-MELBOURNE -June 20th

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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