Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad #emvote

Since the election of Mary Robinson as President of Ireland and the her successor Mary McAleese the issue of the role of Irish Citizens and Diaspora overseas has become very prominent.

Ireland’s country’s 3.3 million voters will go to the polls in October for the referendum, part of a broader policy by the Irish government to get closer to its estimated 3.6 million citizens living overseas and the 70 million people around the globe who claim Irish descent.

Ireland says it wants to be in the lives of its overseas citizens and descendants as never before, with its ambitious Global Ireland 2025 policy and the Dublin government says stronger links to the diaspora through Irish culture, politics and sport are the key.

We encourage you to tune into the debate about extending the Vote to Irish Citizens Abroad.

This year at our 10th Ambassador Summer School in Kilmallock on 20th, 21st & 22nd August 2019 we’ll convene a robust debate about this very important initiative on Wednesday 22nd.

Below are four slides which address some of the Key Myths on why the Vote should not be extended.

In the years when John Hume planned and dreamt of the forthcoming Peace Process he repeatedly made the statement ‘We must unite our divided people, Catholics, Protestants and Dissenters!’

Personally I believe we must now take another giant step: ‘We must unite our divided people, those at home, those abroad and those in transition!’

Join the debate, share your thoughts and engage….as

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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