Tangible’s ‘Golden Gates!’ -San Francisco

On the afternoon of Thursday August 15th the Tangible Leadership Series 2019 aka #tangible19 will make its way to Alameda in California in the Greater San Francisco area to meet and discuss with local and visiting Business and Civic leaders the challenges of the day.

We are being hosted by Frank Boyle and the Alameda Chamber of Commerce at their HQ at 2215-A South Shore Center, Alameda, California.

Bringing together this boutique workshop, Tangible will have contributions from an eclectic mix of artists, business owners, executives, crusaders and social entrepreneurs and all those aspiring to make a positive impact on the community.

This will be our 4th visit to San Francisco since we started our crusade for social and economic regeneration after the effects of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. It will be our 95th Workshop in total! Whether 5 are gathered or 50 the impact has always been amazing!

Join us, present or be an active listener!


We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

Leadership Excellence Inspiration

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