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DONATE(It could BE YOU!)

To celebrate #101TangibleDeliberations since 2009 we are seeking YOUR support for the Tangible Leadership Series into the future.

We offer YOU an Opportunity to Support the Tangible Leadership Series by making a small financial contribution towards the running costs of the series.

In addition to supporting our efforts, One Lucky Contributor in the first 101 Contributors will be offered a Travel Voucher(Value 750.00 euro or equivalent) to assist them in joining Tangible in an overseas location in the second half of 2020.

For YOUR Tangible contribution YOU may end up attending/presenting at Tangible in New York, San Francisco, London, Dublin , Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Dublin or Belfast.

The Lucky winner will be drawn at Workshop #101 Tangible London ‘Control, Alt, Delete!’ on 21st November 2019.

It Could BE YOU!

Take a chance while supporting a worthy Tangible exercise!!

DONATE(It could BE YOU!)


DONATE(It could BE YOU!)

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