Tangible’s ‘Australia2.3’

On the afternoon of October 17th, 2019 next we’ll host the 4th of our Tangible Leadership Workshops focused on an upgraded Australia. It’ll be #100 overall since we commenced in January 2009. This special workshop will be convened at Melbourne Business School in Carlton.

It is entitled: Tangible’s ‘Australia2.3‘ and we will gather an eclectic group of Business and Civic leaders to discuss the issues of the day and to offer peer to peer encouragement and support.

Some major and minor issues remain to be addressed in spite of a recent election and so much rhetoric:

Full and proper Recognition & Reconciliation with Australia’s indigenous community

Rebooting the Economy in the context of a changing global dynamic

Genuine recognition of International Qualifications and experience

Lack of Integrated Energy Policy in the light of Climate Change

Drafting and passing of an agreed Bill of Rights excluding the dreaded right to carry arms.

Rewriting of Section 44 of Australian Constitution to eliminate de facto apartheid where Dual Citizens cannot stand for or sit in Federal Parliament in spite of the fact that greater than 50% of the population were or have one parent born overseas. In a country of migrants effectively the country is run by representatives of less than 50% of the population whether from the Left or Right.

More meaningful Innovation Policy and Implementation

Need for a more Independent Foreign Policy rather than emulating the US as exemplified by intervention in Strait of Hormutz

Balancing of Nation’s Resources between Corporate and Community interests.

If you have a project or initiative which you want to showcase but be ready to be asked to engage in the wider issues of the day.

A core objective of Tangible is to instill greater engagement and leadership in the Business and Professional classes to take a greater role in the wider issues facing society.


Rest assured……

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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