Tangible’s ‘Australia2.5’

Life is a bit of a roller-coaster!

Here we see the iconic Luna Park in Melbourne where the old roller coaster is still working after all these years. It seems that certain things in life are constant and we realize that certain things are more important than ever.

At Tangible we want to do our little bit to help revitalise our community and economy in the coming weeks with a special Australia focused Tangible event.

Join us for Tangible’s ‘Australia2.5’ at

10 pm-Midnight Irish time, Thursday 22nd October 2020

that is:

8.00 am-10.00 am Melbourne time, Friday 23rd October 2020

This Tangible session will be the next in the Tangible Australia2.0 Series when we’ll discuss ways of regrouping, reframing, and re-energising Australian society and it’s economy. We will have a special focus on Melbourne and Victoria where the COVID-19 Lockdowns continue.

We’ll have inputs from our Tangible enthusiasts from around the world to share ideas and insights on how to push through these challenging times and start to build towards an new era of growth, maturity and prosperity.

This event is akin to our 1st event in January 2009 in Ireland where we sought to marshal pockets of energy and inspiration to kick start a community caught in the headlights of economic collapse. For those of us that lived through the GFC, Property Bubble, Banking Crisis from 2008-2015 this is our chance to share wisdom and approaches for those facing these types of difficulties for the first time.

Let’s hear from you: business ideas, lessons learned, nuggets of wisdom, war stories, survival techniques….anything that will help others persevere and prosper.

Email us: ambassador@tangible.ie

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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