Australia, Rise and Shine!

In Australia, January is a month to rest, regroup and enjoy time with friends and family. Once we kick into February things begin to happen and this is why we’ve entitled our 2nd Tangible of 2021 as ‘Australia, Rise and Shine!’.

Though still struggling with the Pandemic, Australia’s efforts have been exemplary and deserve recognition as other advanced nations are still in the thick of this healthcare crisis. There’s lots to be done, jobs to be created, inequity to be eliminated, climate change to be addressed and our communal mental health to be safeguarded.

Our Tangible events virtually travel the world with a growing following which now creates a global synergy that was lacking pre-COVID and ZOOM.

If you have an idea, a crusade, an anecdote containing wisdom or humorous insight then get in touch.

This could be your Tangible debut.

Thursday 4th February 2021, 8 pm Irish time!!

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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