Tangible’s WILDCARD-King’s Island

King’s Island, LIMERICK

With the Ambassador Summer School 2021 just beginning to fade from our memories, I am delighted to announce that this year’s Tangible Wildcard event will be focused on King’s Island in Limerick.

My personal bias must be declared here as I grew up in Broad Street aka Irishtown in Limerick which is only a stone’s throw over the Abbey River. I must say that when I was growing up it was not unheard of that we did actually throw stones.

Our focus will be to highlight what is going well on the Island and how could it be even better? We hope to have 2 to 3 local speakers and then blend that with inputs from around Ireland and internationally. At this juncture let me commend Dervila Kelly for shining a light on this area which has a rich and cultural history, proud resilient people, and huge potential for social and economic development.

We are scheduled for 10 pm to Midnight(Irish time)


Thursday 23rd September 2021

and we will convene it via the ZOOM platform.

Get in touch: ambassador@tangible.ie

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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