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Peter Blaxland’s Proposed New Australian Flag

The issue of inclusion or exclusion is ever prevalent around the world. It manifests itself in different forms, whether it’s in Northern Ireland, Inner City Limerick, Southern States of the USA, or in Australia. In Australia issues affecting the Indigenous Peoples remain unresolved and many attempts to address them are tokenistic at best. In addition Dual Citizens and their relatives are treated as second-class citizens when it comes to standing for Federal Parliament, they being expected to renounce their heritage and affinity to their native land. These are but two examples of discrimination affecting us globally. The faces may change, the parameters may change but at its core, it is about treating people differently for some reason.

In our October event, we will focus on Inclusion/Exclusion, Strength in Diversity, or Parity of Esteem. If you have a story, an insight, a crusade, a business, or a hobby horse then this is your chance to express your feelings in a positive safe environment.

At Tangible we are real and pragmatic and we focus on going forward in spite of old hurts, past mistakes, or inherent biases. We plant grass, we don’t pull weeds!

Let’s aim to have an inclusive conversation with a global outlook and a local focus on trying to understand the Indigenous Peoples of Australia’s desire to progress their process of Makarrata. It’s their journey to peace and reconciliation. If you have a friend or colleague from the Indigenous Peoples of Australia or anywhere around the world please invite them to participate. If you have your personal story about inclusion or exclusion then let’s hear it!

We are here to learn so this time it’ll be all about listening!

Thursday 28th October 2021 via Zoom @10 pm Irish/Tangible time.

Get in touch: ambassador@tangible.ie

We’ll be listening! Beimid ag √©iteacht!

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