Tangible’s ‘Golden Opportunities!’ via Zoom

Having traveled virtually to Belfast, Limerick, New York, and Crossmaglen it is now time to touch base with endeavours Down Under. This event will be convened in the Central Goldfields of Regional Victoria, Australia from the Red Shed at 155 Dunolly-Bridgewater Road, Dunolly.

Thursday 30th June 2022 at 10.00 pm Irish time (7 am Melbourne time Friday 1st July 2022)

Set in the beautiful former Goldfields, Tangible Founder, Raymond Sexton is testing the possibility of developing a training centre, and recording studio in regional Victoria. It is over 2 hours from the CBD of Melbourne. We’ll be testing the Digital Connectivity and whether it is a viable spot for communicating with the wider world.

The focus will be on opportunities, as this location is just 14 km from the spot in Moliagul where two gold diggers Deason and Oates found the Welcome Stranger, the largest single gold nugget ever found at 72 kg of pure gold. In its heyday, the population of Dunolly and Waanyarra was 35,000 and today is just below 1000. Times change, but opportunities abound, golden opportunities for those who are searching and tenacious.

Let’s hear from you!

Do you have a nugget to share? A crusade to start? An insight to impart? A business to promote or a question to ask?

We’ll be making our Tangible convenors co-hosts on Zoom in case we disappear into the wilderness.

Join us if you want to engage with a diverse and eclectic group of Business and Civic leaders from around the world.

You guessed it…

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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