Tangible’s ‘Pier Review!’ via Zoom

Courtesy of Local Howth Photographer

Each year since January 2009 the Tangible Leadership Series kicks off in Howth or now on Zoom with a focus on HOWTH and the World. The title for this year’s event is ‘Pier Review!’ with all its hidden meanings. For me personally I love the piers in Howth and on many occasions I have started my walk to the outermost point with a problem or conundrum and by the time I have returned to a warm cup of coffee in one of the many local cafes I had the problem solved.

In January 2023 we will gather virtually and share ideas and challenges and compare them with our colleagues and peers and subject them to a ‘Pier Review!’

If you have a crusade to embark on, a business to promote, a community accolade to share or just a nugget of wisdom please get in touch as we progressively assemble the running order for the 1st #tangiblezoom of 2023.

We’ll be gather at 8 pm Irish time/Tangible time on THURSDAY, 5th January 2023

Get in touch and join the conversation as….

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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