Tangible’s ‘Lagan Ahead!’ via Zoom

Each year the Tangible Leadership Series heads for Belfast to discuss the challenges and progress that Business and Civic leaders experience in this great city.

When one visits the city you cannot but be taken by the significant positive social and economic progress that has been made since the cessation of the Troubles. Listening to the media one would think things are the same as ever so we have the dichotomy, are we making headway or are we going backwards?

The truth is probably a bit of both, but in the meantime the ancient River Lagan keeps flowing along and it serves well as a metaphor for incremental progress. Hence ‘Lagan Ahead!’

Check out here the history of the river and how it has evolved and how it was named.

In the interim get in touch if you have story to share, an idea to float, a crusade to start or just want to join the Tangible conversation. Email: ambassador@tangible.ie

In Belfast on Thursday 23rd February 2023……via Zoom at 8 pm Belfast/Irish/Tangible time.

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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