Tangible’s ‘Sydney Heads!’ via Zoom

After this year’s Tangible WILDCARD from St. Louis, Missouri we now head to another great global Irish city, SYDNEY.

Entitled ‘Sydney Heads!’ with the double reference, firstly to the various bright-sparks living and working in Sydney, and secondly the magnificent coastline around the harbour. ‘Sydney Heads!’ captures the essence of our annual visit to this iconic city.

We plan to share some ideas, stories and experiences from Business and Civic leaders from around the world with a special focus on Sydney and Australia.

We have one or two speaking slots still available so if you are, or are aspiring to be a Sydney Head!, please get in touch and we’ll try to add you to the programme.

Thursday 26th October 2023 at 10 pm Irish time/Tangible time

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

Leadership Excellence Inspiration

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