St.Munchin’s College,
 Corbally, Limerick, IRELAND
2.00 pm-6.00 pm-Thursday , 27th March 2014

Tangible Contributors:

-Been There, Done That, What Next?
  Roger Downer, President Emeritus, University of Limerick
 -The Winning Edge
  Wayne Dignam, Director, Tender Team
 -Migration: Challenge or Opportunity?  
  Pascal Derrien, Governance Team, Irish Executives  
-5000 Years of Culture 
  Lianping  Chen, Volunteer Promoter, Shen Yun
 -Playing Business as a Sport!  
   Kevin O’Connor, Principal, BEDC Consulting, Limerick  
-The Spanish Connection!
   Jack Bourke, President, Shannon RFC
 -Mastering Excellence
   Ardawan Lalui, Principal, Lalui Leadership  
-Making a New Life Through Business
  Imelda McGrattan, Sales Guru & Advocate, Kerry Business Women’s Network  
-Limerick, Bright Future!  
  Eoghan Prendergast, Managing Director, Limerick Marketing Company  
-In Truth, In Charity
  Brian O’Donoghue, Deputy Principal, St.Munchin’s College
 -Interdisciplinary Learning-A New Approach?  
  Tom Cosgrove, Professor, Civil Engineering, University of Limerick  
-Welcome to St.Munchin’s College
  David Quilter, Principal, St.Munchin’s College, Limerick  
-Lots to Say for a Young Guy!
  Garry Quilligan-Student Advocate
-Working Your Way Up!
  John Sharkey, Coach & Mentor, Sonas Consulting, Australia  
-Limerick, A Good Prospect!  
  Chris Byrne, Serial Entrepreneur,SensorPro
-Possibility Thinking
 Carol Conway, Programme Moderator, Freelance Catalyst
 -Ambassador Summer School 2014
   Raymond Sexton, Founder, Tangible Ireland