Building Tangible Momentum-Invitation to participate!









The Tangible journey has been long, varied and very exciting.

Next year in 2019 the Tangible Leadership Series will have its 10th Anniversary. Our 1st Tangible Leadership Workshop was held in Sutton in January 2009. Initiated as a direct response to the devastating effects of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 we have delivered over 80 Leadership Workshops in Ireland and around the world.

At these events we have created a unique environment to foster personal, business and community regeneration. Multiple personal, business and community outcomes have been conceived and achieved and many more are in the pipeline. Many great projects and relationships have evolved and continue to evolve.

Here we are, 10 years later with a community of almost 800 presenters and almost 3000 alumni and still growing. We believe there is huge untapped potential for creativity, connectivity and value capture among this unique cohort of kindred spirits. This is an opportunity for us all.

We want to deliver more Tangible Leadership Workshops, more meaningful engagement for those who embrace our philosophies and approaches. We are currently constrained due to inadequate resources and infrastructure to meet this ambition.

We want to create a more inclusive, richer collaborative environment for our Tangible Community. This process will take time and we are working towards a minimally viable online platform for 2019.

To support the ongoing delivery of the Tangible Leadership Series and to create this new online platform ‘Tangible Momentum’ we propose to pivot to a Subscription Model. To date the Tangible Leadership Series has been underwritten by myself and some other Tangible enthusiasts. This model is not sustainable in the longer term, both physically and financially. We need to train and mentor Tangible Convenors and Moderators to meet the demand and provide greater connectivity and engagement.

We propose that you, as a Tangible Enthusiast would become a Tangible Subscribers at Annual Subscription in the order of US$120.00 per annum or US$10.00 per month. With your commitment, this valuable support will over time result in a more stable and robust financial infrastructure for our endeavours. We’ll be then able to have better delivery of both our virtual and Tangible experience.

A Tangible Subscription will come with a series of benefits including Membership of a Tangible Global Network, Complimentary Attendance at One Tangible Leadership Workshop, Receipt of Quarterly Tangible e-Journal, 20% discount at other events including the Ambassador Summer School and Tangible Retreats.

As with most Start Ups and Transformations much of the energy will be required in the early stages of this process thus we would welcome some early support from those with additional resources. To this end we are offering a number of Lifetime Tangible Subscriptions, each at a sum of US$1000.00.

Once we have secured sufficient support to commence the development, our early focus will be to ensure we sustain and develop the current Tangible experience and in the medium to longer term to plan and deliver an even greater impact on society.

At times, we dream of becoming the Facebook/Amazon of Business, Civic and Community Leadership where authenticity, integrity and empathy are revered, thus we are committed allocating a portion of Tangible equity to those who have, are currently and in the future   provide time, treasure and talent to facilitate our journey.

In order to make this happen…..

We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

Raymond Sexton