'London, Our Friend in Europe!'

London Skyline

London Irish Centre,
Camden Square, London, UNITED KINGDOM

2.00pm-6.00pm-Thursday ,14th November 2013

Tangible Contributors included:

-London, Our Friend in Europe!
  Sean Kennedy, Chair of Trustees, London Irish Centre
-Alone She Stands!
  Catherina Casey, Director, Irish Arts UK
-Paying it Forward
  Eve Earley, Principal, Empowering Change
-London Creativity
  Angie O’Brien, Enthusiast, Media & Creative Industry
-Learning from the Past, Embracing the Future
  Peter Power-Hynes, Historian/Visionary & Accountant
-London, A Good Place to Start
  Helen Roberts, Start-Up Champion, Entrepreneurs Worldwide, London
-The Camino Transition
  Hugh Sexton, Volunteer Crusader, Belvedere Youth Club, Dublin
-Cultivating Ambassadors for Positive Change
  Carol Conway, Programme Director, Freelance Catalyst
-I Woke in California, Many Miles from….!
  Donagh McKeown, Principal, Relive Productions/Let’s Talk About It
-Melting the Ice of Lethargy
  Michael Kingston, Lawyer, Marine Environmental Speciality
-Sustainable Island-Arainn Mhór
  Shirley Gallagher, Change Maker (Via YouTube)
-Catch Yourself On, You Can Do This!
  Fidelma Meehan, Advocate, Positive Future
-In-Tangible Ireland
  Raymond Sexton, Founder, Tangible Ireland
-Update on the Revolution
 Martin Cox, Executive Producer, 1916 The Musical