Business Development Coaching/Mentoring


Tangible provides advice and support on all issues pertaining to Business Development.  We love to get involved from meeting a Client/Investor, through to winning the project. This process can also encompass the implementation of a proper ongoing Customer Relationship Management Programme to guarantee future growth.

We provide the catalyst for growth in Turnover and Profitability and the associated Recognition. We are a pragmatic organisation and our ambition is to shorten the time between Development of Strategy and Implementation.

We ensure our inputs and outputs are tangible and measurable. Our clients are our greatest assets – we deliver the win/win scenario!

Whether it is a Public Body, Private Company, Joint Venture, Voluntary Group or an ambitious individual then Tangible is keen to be of assistance with the full spectrum of organizational challenges:

-Finding, Minding & ‘Grinding’ Customers

-Recruiting, Retaining, Motivating and/or Out-Placing Personnel

-Reviewing, Devising and Implementing Business Improvement Processes and

-Scoping, Structuring, Raising and Controlling Finances

If you have a crisis, a mountain to climb or an exciting project to complete then Tangible is keen to be of help!