From the beginning at Tangible we have had a significant interest and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with particular focus on Community Empowerment, Social Enterprise and Cross Community and Cross Border Projects. Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 Tangible’s CSR activities have further evolved into promoting thought leadership around the core values of collaborative leadership, shared excellence and the concept of ‘pay it forward!’

Tangible is positive in its outlook and pragmatic in its approach. We seek to add value through our interventions and to provide a beacon of leadership and inspiration for those with passion and talent in the battle for a positive future of peace and prosperity.

In early 2009 we initiated the Tangible Leadership Series bringing together a diverse collection of intellects and advocates to face the challenges of creating an excellent Ireland. Currently with a global network of over 1000 followers/contributors we are keen to participate in a Tangible debate which is restriction free, positive and pragmatic. Annually, we visit venues in global cities- Dublin, London, New York & Sydney, as well as rural and urban villages and cities across Ireland- Belfast, Limerick, Howth, Oranmore and Crossmaglen. In 2016 we added San Francisco and this year we have added Cork. Each venue attracts a unique group of participants, with their own perspective, challenges and life experience.

We commenced our 9th Tangible Leadership Series with ‘Bring It On! in Howth on January 5th. The dawn of 2017 seems an apt time to invite a range of Business and Civic Leaders to share their insights and ideas on how to take on the challenges Ireland’s next 100 years We had visited London in November 2016 to host ‘Sterling Euro Exchange!’.

As a highlight to our Tangible Leadership Series we will hold our 9th Ambassador Summer School in Ballyhoura in August 2018 where over 3 days we provide a more relaxed yet stimulating environment to discover and debate the pertinent issues facing Global Ireland, at home and abroad. On the Wednesday afternoon August 22nd we intend to showcase a range of Tangible contributors in a TED like format at a larger venue to facilitate a greater audience and outreach without losing the intimacy of the unique Tangible format over the few days. If you have a passion about any endeavour demonstrating Business and/or Civic Leadership we are keen to connect with you.

We hope to facilitate you in marshaling your thoughts, while gaining positive and constructive feedback from a range of kindred spirits. Participation will assist you in gaining momentum. The Tangible Leadership Series is an excellent way to gain access to a global network of Tangible enthusiasts.

Consider showcasing YOU and YOUR ENDEAVOUR to a worldwide Tangible audience!

Beimid ag caint! We’ll be talking!

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