Tangible New York 2010

Pictured above are a selection of participants and contributors at a Tangible Leadership Seminar in New York in May 2010.

Since Tangible’s inception in 2001 and particularly since the commencement of the Tangible Leadership Series in early 2009 we have collaborated with a wide and varied group of individuals who demonstrate the core values and attributes of a Tangible Ambassador.

These individuals through their words and deeds are the epitome of Tangible Leadership. They are active in Business or Civic affairs. They have a balanced view of success where they deeply understand that to be successful one must also play a in the success of the wider community.

Tangible Ambassadors promote thought leadership around the core values of collaborative leadership, shared excellence and the concept of ‘pay it forward!’

Being Tangible is to be positive in outlook and pragmatic in approach.

Tangible Ambassadors seek to add value through their interventions and to provide a beacon of leadership and inspiration for those with passion and talent in the battle for a positive future of peace and prosperity.