Tangible Payment Rule


We are delighted with the feedback from participants who attended our 80 or so events since January 2009. The cross section/diversity of the contributors/participants continues to be excellent. At times we face the challenge of how to accommodate worthy individuals who have a challenge paying participation fees and often face the issue where some speakers believe that they should not have to contribute because of their input of time and effort. We really understand how this feels as we often have felt that way ourselves.

The Participation Fee is a mechanism to place a nominal value to our endeavours though we know that we impart much greater value to our participants. 

Essentially we are trading in three different currencies: Time, Treasure and Talent.

To navigate through this dilemma we use the Tangible Payment Rule. 

Based on the honour principle(i.e. we will not be chasing you down) the Tangible Payment Rule states that

if the participation  fee genuinely represents a barrier to your participation then we can waive it BUT if  YOU, or YOUR ORGANISATION have the resources to pay  it then we’d appreciate payment beforehand, on the day or very shortly afterwards’.

We are independently funded and thus need revenue to deliver the Tangible Leadership Series consistently both on the island of Ireland and internationally.

Payment can be made using the Eventbrite, PayPal Link, directly to our Bank Account (Details available on request) or make a Cheque payable to ‘Tangible Ireland’ and give to The Event Moderator on the day.

A good compromise maybe to make a token gesture to help us keep the show on the road: TOKEN GESTURE

Beimid ag caint! We’ll be talking!

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Tangible Ireland
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