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Last year we convened an Executive Education Module to Ireland with a small group visiting the island for 6 days of Culture, Education and Personal Development. The feedback has been positive and we’re keen to further develop the idea.

If you have any ideas or interest in how we can further enhance the programme please get in touch. Below is the broad rationale.

Why Ireland for an experiential Education Module on Leadership and Innovation? 

  1. Ireland’s economic resilience,know how and approach to Brexit
  2. The importance of Irish/Northern Irish governments’ policy in supporting R&D
  3. Incentivising innovative multi-national organisations
  4. Significant domestic investment in encouraging innovation in various sectors – pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, technology
  5. Examples of effective leadership in driving innovation in Irish/Northern Irish firms

Why is the above relevant to someone living in Australia, USA or Europe?

Innovation is essential for organisations to remain relevant and successful in an ever changing and volatile global environment.Ireland’s approach to innovation provides many lessons (and you get to enjoy the finest of Ireland’s hospitality at the same time!)

What will the positive impact be to the individual?

Exposure to best practice, academic thought leadership, access to senior professionals from an array of industries, networking opportunities and cultural activities

When and Where is the Module being held?

Tangible Leadership and Innovation Module 2018

Starting Dublin, Ireland visiting Belfast/Northeast and Limerick/Midwest.

Sunday 19th August-Friday 24th August 2018

How much does it cost to participate?

EUR 4500/USD 4850/ AUD 6500 excluding Flights to/from Dublin

How do I express interest?

Send an email with contact details and an outline of why you’re interested to the undersigned

What to do next?

Clear your diary, ask for more information or just get in touch for  a chat.

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