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As  Tangible spreads its influence around the world we have a number of distinct objectives for our engagement in Australia.

Australia, being both a young and successful country has many challenges which we believe could benefit from leadership and consulting perspectives honed in more difficult environments, particularly Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK and the USA.

Issues of social and economic development have been dealt with in these other jurisdictions with varied results and much has been learned which can be of value in Australia.






We will:

  • Develop a Strategy Implementation consultancy to garner a deeper understanding of the country specific challenges
  • Develop linkages with existing Tangible innovation clusters in Ireland, UK and the USA.
  • Work with Business, Educational and Social stakeholders to develop a tailored Tangible Leadership Programme for an Australian audience







Our endeavours in Australia will be championed by Tangible’s Founder, Raymond Sexton as he has recently relocated back to Melbourne having spent 22 years overseas.

An article posted last year on Melbourne Business Schools website tells the story of Raymond’s recent migration.

Our Strategy Implementation consultancy in Australia will be branded as Tangible-your global partner and is based in Victoria.

Tangible-your global partner offers a range of business and project advisory services:

• Strategy Development
• Strategy Implementation
• Business Transformation
• Human Capital Management
• Business Development
• Project Execution

Essentially Tangible will act as your trusted partner as you face the real time challenges of running a global organisation in these dynamic times.

Get in touch if you want to hear more!

Raymond Sexton, Principal Consultant

Tangible-your global partner

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