Tangible’s ‘Unchained!’ SYDNEY via Zoom

Thursday, 23rd July 2020-10 pm AEDT aka Sydney time

As we head into July we are getting organised for our next Tangible event which is scheduled for Sydney on Thursday, July 23rd. Twelve months ago who would have thought my title ‘Unchained!’ would be topical. Most of our Sydney titles/themes have been harking back to the days when Sydney was a Penal Colony. Unleashing Potential or Opportunity tends to happen when we are ‘Unchained‘ whether financially, physically, or emotionally. It’s a topical theme as we recently heard from Scomo aka Scott Morrison-Prime Minister that Slavery didn’t exist in Australia which proved to be a ridiculous statement. 🙂

As we’ve all been in ‘Lockdown’, we now all want to break free in some way. Whether it’s becoming ‘Unchained‘ psychologically or seriously addressing the historical and current issues of Black Lives Matter, the theme of ‘Unchained’ presents an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of Business and Civic Leadership.

NO Access by Plane, Boat, Train, Automobile, Bike or Foot JUST ZOOM!

Get in touch for your ZOOM Invitation and check your time zones:

Dublin/London-1 pm  IST
New York/Washington DC- 8 am EDT
San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose -5 am PDT

This event is FREE but registration is required to facilitate Zoom Invitations: ambassador@tangible.ie

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We’ll be talking! Beimid ag caint!

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