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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic we are investigating ways to deliver a modified version of our Summer School using ZOOM Teleconferencing Software this August 2020.

We’ll keep you informed.


We have delivered the Tangible Ireland-Ambassador Summer School in the month of August since 2010. Ballyhoura, County Limerick provides a relaxed environment as business and civic leaders share their vision and participate in rigorous discussion about issues pertaining to progression towards a better world.

Identifying and cultivating Tangible Leaders across all sectors of society is the core ambition of the Ambassador Summer School. The focus is on:

  •  Developing skills and competence to deliver meaningful change
  •  Attracting and introducing like-minded leaders from Ireland and the Diaspora
  •  Using those relationships to increase the efficacy of our collective efforts

Visionary thinking and tangible leadership are paramount in Ireland and the world today. Tangible Ireland’s programming is designed to offer significant opportunities for individuals to develop their capacity for visionary leadership. Tangible’s commitment is to work with you supporting the achievement of extraordinary results in your professional and personal life. Facilitating your performance, learning and development assures excellent leadership across Ireland.

The School is convened by Raymond Sexton, Founder of Tangible Ireland, with Guest Co-Convenors and presented with additional support from a wide range of individuals.


See Invitation below for Ambassador Summer School 2019

Beimid ag caint! We’ll be talking!

Raymond Sexton, School Convenor
Tel: +61 406 850 709